My pieces are hand thrown on a wheel and each is a unique impression of my sensitivity for the clay and its potential to spring in to a shape.

The unknown factors are constant; the capabilities of the clay, the interactions of the glaze chemicals, and the firing process.  The elements combine to frustrate and amaze me.  Each piece I complete is a last step that presents a path to a new challenge.  

Handthrown. One of a kind.

The porcelain clay fires white and allows for an ideal background for the wide range of glaze colors, which are used to highlight the shape and movement of the surface.

My professional life as a lawyer is an intellectual challenge and is filled with problem solving and dispute resolution.  This fills my time Monday through Friday.  On Saturday and Sunday, I am a potter and my physical energy and sensitivity to materials is my challenge.  I simply enjoy making things from clay.  When someone likes my piece, there is no dispute.

Making a finished piece of pottery is a complex series of steps that challenge my ability to plan and execute the creative process while using the necessary skills needed in a quest to obtain a certain result.